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You will learn about the different Chinese dialects, their pronunciation, their written form, their grammar, the importance of the tones, and the main challenges that English speakers face when translating and learning Chinese.

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Chinese Translations from and into English

Chinese Translation AgencyLinguaVox is a Chinese translation services company that specializes in translating from Chinese into English and from English into Chinese. When you entrust the translation of your documents to us, a professional English-Chinese translator will carry out a high-quality translation. We work exclusively with translators who work into their mother tongue (Chinese or English), have a university degree (usually in Translation or in Chinese Studies), and who have over 2 years of experience in the field of technical translation and are specialists in the subject matter of the texts. Our Chinese language services agency is certified to ISO 9001 and UNE EN 15038 standards.

Chinese Technical and Patent Translations

LinguaVox has been operating since 2000, and since our translation agency was established, we have completed top-quality professional translations between Chinese and English for numerous clients around the world. Because of our professional translators specialize in diverse fields, we are able to offer reliable technical translation services to clients in fields as diverse as medical, engineering, pharmaceutical, and legal. Our team of translators can also carry out accurate patent translations.

Multimedia and Website Translation Services in Chinese

With more than 564 million Internet users, China is a vast market for companies from all over the world. Therefore, having a website in Chinese is almost an essential requirement in order to reach that market. LinguaVox has a dedicated team that specializes in translating websites from English into Chinese and from Chinese into English. Our translation company provides website translation services in all Chinese variations (Cantonese, Mandarin, Taiwanese) and using both Traditional and Simplified Chinese characters. We also offer professional software localisation and multimedia translation services to and from Chinese.

Chinese Translators and Interpreters in most world cities

Trade and commerce between China and many Western countries is also booming, so if your company is planning to build long-standing and successful business relationships with Chinese firms or to enter the Chinese market, our professional Chinese translators and interpreters can provide you with invaluable services that can help you avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. As a long-established translation bureau, LinguaVox can provide you with professional English-Chinese-English translators and interpreters, who can be of assistance during business meetings, conferences, or whenever your Chinese clients are visiting the country.

Document Translation Services to and from Chinese

Our Chinese translation agency offers a wide range of technical document translation services in Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, and all other Chinese varieties, as we work with translators and interpreters who are knowledgeable about the linguistic variations of Chinese and with the different cultural elements that can affect the accuracy of a translation.

Chinese Certified and Sworn Translators

We can also provide you with certified or sworn translations of English and Chinese documents such as university degrees, educational diplomas, birth and marriage certificates, police checks, employment contracts, passports, deeds, wills, and adoption files, to mention just a few of the documents that our certified translators can work with. This service is available both in China, the United Kingdom, the USA and most other countries. If you require a certified or sworn translation, all you need to do is contact us by e-mail with a scanned copy of the document that needs to be translated, and we will be happy to reply with a free quote. Once approved and for your convenience, certified translations are sent directly to your letterbox.

Chinese to English and English to Chinese Translation Services

Whichever your English-Chinese translation requirements might be, at LinguaVox we will be pleased to serve your needs with professionalism, precision, and efficiency.